Postdoctoral positions

Postdoctoral positions

We reglarly have open post-doc positions, either directly associated with our projects or through the Emory CSI program. Please e-mail us and for more information.

Are you a great coder with an interest in large-scale systems or security? Or are you excited about diving into data science and some really cool public health, neuroscience, epidemiology or distributed systems datasets? Our Simbiosys lab at Emory has several open, fully funded Ph.D. positions for promising students interested in these areas. Interested? Apply to Emory CSI. Make sure you mention why you are interested in Simbiosys in your application. 

M.Sc. and Undergraduates

If you are a student at Emory University or Georgia Institute of Technology, feel free to stop by our office to discuss research projects. Just e-mail us a note! If you are a student of Reykjavik University, there have been regular Reykjavik University-Emory University exchange programs in our lab for which you might be eligible. Get in touch!



Simbiosys Lab

N411, Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory University, 400 Dowman Drive, E416, Atlanta, GA 30322

Prof. Ymir Vigfusson

E-mail: ymir ⓐ ymsir:com (I read all e-mail, but I get more email than to which I can respond) Website:

Prof. Avani Wildani

E-mail: avani ⓐ Website: